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Veselka Handbook 2016-17

Make Up

Stage makeup is an essential part of performing. Stage lighting and the distance of the audience make the dancer appear washed out, “flat” and expressionless. The purpose of stage makeup is to add color to the skin and to exaggerate the features, making them clearly visible to the audience. Proper application will ensure that the eyes and lips are clearly visible to the audience fifty feet away. Stage makeup that could in any way pass for regular, daily makeup is unacceptable for the stage.

Daily make up will be use only when we are not in a theatre setting. Then dancers are asked to wear, blush, red lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and brown eyeshadow.

All students will be required to supply their own make-up for performances. Students must wear foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.

You will need......
Foundation ( one shade darker than skin colour)
Loose translucent Powder
White Eye Shadow
Dark Brown Eye Shadow
Light Brown/Beige Eye Shadow
Black Eyeliner
False Eyelashes & Eyelash Adhesive - Senior dancers only
Black Mascara
Pink Blush
Red Lip Stick

Always do make-up before you put on your costume.

How to apply your stage make up.....


-Smooth foundation that is one shade darker than skin, over entire face including lips, eyelids, under eye are and blend in to neck and hair line.
-With a large powder brush, smooth translucent loose powder over entire face.


-With shadow brush, highlight brow bone with white eye shadow.
- Light brown eye shadow over entire lid up to brow bone.
- Dark brown shadow into crease with shadow brush.
- Black liner along lash line to outer corner of eye. - upper and lower lids.
- White eye liner n between upper liner and lower lash line.
- White eye liner in the corner of the inside corner of eyes - Jr. 3 through to Senior Dancers only.
- Apply mascara.


-With blush brush, contour just under and slightly on cheekbone with blush.


- Line lips and fill lips in with lip stick.

How To Do French Braids

Start off with slightly wet hair. Part your hair down the centre, wrap one side in an elastic and other side can be brushed back. To begin the braid, start by dividing it into 3 equal pieces. Hold the right most piece in the right hand. The other two pieces will be in your left hand. Begin with rolling your left hand crossing the left piece over the central piece and passing them both into your right hand.

Take the lower piece in your left hand and put the right strand over the top. Starting with this left strand, we’ll add more hair into the braid. This will be French braiding. Take the hair into your left hand and cross it over on the top of the other two. With your left hand; take a new portion of hair and bring it over the top of the last braided piece. This will make one bigger strand. Go on braiding in a usual way. Grab a small amount of hair from the right side and braid in the same way as you did with the left strand. Don’t forget to keep the braid tight not to lose it.